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Head shot - Samuel W Shogren

Sam Shogren

CEO - Principal
Public History | Strategic Planning | Community Engagement | Exhibition & Content Development | Heritage Asset Management | Historic Preservation | Museum Development
Jerry Ostermiller-Headshot

Jerry Ostermiller

Senior Advisor
Historic Preservation | Archaeology | Museum Leadership | Community Engagement | Capital Campaigns | Public History

Susan Shogren

Senior Advisor
Educational Design | Curriculum Development | Online Learning | Webinar Development
Jackie Peterson Headshot

Jackie B. Peterson

Senior Advistor
Business Development | Operations | Accounting | Marketing | Entrepreneurship

Tanner Givnan

Creative Director, Writer, Film Maker





Shogren Choosen to Join LEAD

CONGRATULATIONS!! Our President and Principal, Sam Shogren, has been selected by LEAD Canada to join the LEAD network and undertake the training required to become a LEAD Fellow.  LEAD, short…