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Using Humor To Communicate Your Message| Video Helping Preserve Maine’s Fisheries

Using Humor to Communicate Your Message Video Helping Preserve Maine's Fisheries A common challenge shared by those working in maritime trades, business, fisheries, ports and cultural heritage is how to tell your story. It's had to tell the story of what occurs "out there" or "back when."  This is a challenge I faced daily in my years curating the maritime heritage of Downeast Maine. How do you transport your audience to a place they can't  get to physically both in time and space? How you make your audience care for the heritage and daily challenges of the maritime work? Well, Maine…

Spirit of Innovation

The inventor... looks upon the world and is not content with the things the way they are. He wants to improve whatever he sees, he want to benefit the world; he is haunted by an idea. The Spirit of Innovation possesses him, seeking materialization. This idea expressed by Alexander Graham Bell is a driving force in our practice. We work with clients to spark the Spirit of Innovation within them and to help them materialize their ideal futures. Shogren Consulting Group

We support the Motive Space Symposium

Motive Space Symposium We are providing a variety of administrative and support services to the Symposium including support and development of the Symposium's open source solutions based website, a discussion forum, creation of a PayPal system for event registration, conference planning advice, and consultation on Nonprofit start-ups. Shogren Consulting's support of the Symposium represents the first of our new initiatives to build sustainable communities and to implement the principals of LEAD International. The September dialogue will provide a forum for industry related professionals and citizens to gather + contribute toward a community model of Cooperative Development. For the purposes of…

Heritage Planning: Philip Foster Farm, Estacada, Oregon

Philip Foster Farm, Estacada, Oregon Museum Collections Preservation Planning The Phillip Foster Farm and Jacknife-Zion-Horseheaven Historical Society of Eagle Creek, OregonWe began working with the Historical Society in August to help them develop a Long-Range Preservation Plan for their collections and buildings. We will also be offering workshops for staff and volunteers on collections care, housekeeping and implementing an environmental monitoring program for the buildings to develop baseline data for future projects.

Shogren Choosen to Join LEAD

CONGRATULATIONS!! Our President and Principal, Sam Shogren, has been selected by LEAD Canada to join the LEAD network and undertake the training required to become a LEAD Fellow.  LEAD, short for Leadership for Environment and Development, searches worldwide for outstanding people, developing their leadership potential through innovative training programs and working with them to mobilize others to make a real difference to the future of this planet. LEAD Canada is a not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to furthering the goals of environmental, social and economic sustainability through training, projects and networking.  Created in 1994, LEAD Canada joined the global network set up…

Transforming Museum Conference

This was a fantastic conference organized, planned, and hosted by the graduate students in the Museology Program at the University of Washington. Close to 100 people attended representing museums and academic programs from both coasts, the Midwest, Canada, and China! Significant news for us here at Shogren Consulting is the warm reception for our Principal Sam Shogren's paper titled: Museums, Starbucks and the Third Place Way: Civil Society and the Revisioned Museum. Presenting in the first general session, Sam's concepts of museums as Third Places, curtailing construction of new museums, seeking new community partnerships to expand the reach of museums into…

Cultivating “Natural” Cultural Districts – A Report by the Social Impact of the Arts Project

Can the arts and culture play a central role in revitalizing American cities? Over the past decade, a number of cities have answered this question affirmatively. For the most part, they have turned to big-ticket downtown cultural districts as the strategy to expand their “creative economy.” At the same time, skeptics like Joel Kotkin have ridiculed this approach as the creation of “the ephemeral city” that ignores thefundamentals of good city-building for the illusion of urban vitality. Cultivating Natural Cultural Districts

Bar Camp Portland

We're going to Bar Camp! Bar Camp Portland is an informal, "non conference" in which the participants develop the agenda and the sessions on Friday night and then spend Saturday and Sunday learning from each other. We are headed there to see what is new with WordPress, check out content management systems for web sites, to explore the WIKI Way and make new contections with Portland's open source community. Hope to see you there!

Revisioning Museums Paper Presentation

Good Morning - Later today Sam will be presenting a draft of his paper for the Transforming Museums conference in Seattle before the students in the Arts Administration and Museum Studies Programs at the University of Oregon. The paper's draft titled: Museums, Starbucks, and the Third Place Way: the Museums Role in Civil Society proposes a new role for museums in our communities by   proposing that our real role is in fostering civil discourse concerning contemporary   topics and utilizing the museum's collections to bring insights into the public debate. Sam also argues that contemporary models of museum development…