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Innovation and Inspiration

The inventor... looks upon the world and is not content with the things the way they are. He wants to improve whatever he sees, he want to benefit the world; he is haunted by an idea. The Spirit of Innovation possesses him, seeking materialization. This idea expressed by Alexander Graham Bell is a driving force in our practice. We work with clients to spark the Spirit of Innovation within them and to help them materialize their ideal futures. Shogren Consulting Group Image of Alexander Graham Bell (left) Courtesy the Library and Archives Canada

How We Help

Drawing on the inspiration of Alexander Graham Bell who pursued a vision many did not think attainable, we partner with our clients to build visions and change process that will enable them to meet their goals. With over 75 years of experience in helping organizations find success, and fulfill their mission through effective change management, visioning, program development and fundraising processes, the Shogren Consulting Group utilizes a diverse and unique portfolio of experience in organizational development experience and learning organizations in both the public and private sector. We work to ensure that mission-driven organizations to create processes and results that fulfill an organization's vision for the future. Our broad organizational skills were developed working within the unique environments of working with waterfront and maritime communities as they struggle to retain unique cultural values. Drawing on experience gained through work in New England, the Great Lakes and the West Coast, we build bridges and foster dialog between the various maritime and environmental organizations, and public agencies to develop shared goals and values propelling mission forward. We have a distinct expertise in maritime preservation and presentation. With experience as museum directors, curators and archaeologists we understand and appreciate the challenges of reconnecting American's to their maritime ancestry, and in building community support for a water-oriented perspective on community development and placemaking.


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