Using Humor To Communicate Your Message| Video Helping Preserve Maine’s Fisheries

Using Humor To Communicate Your Message| Video Helping Preserve Maine’s Fisheries

Using Humor to Communicate Your Message

Video Helping Preserve Maine's Fisheries

A common challenge shared by those working in maritime trades, business, fisheries, ports and cultural heritage is how to tell your story. It's had to tell the story of what occurs "out there" or "back when."  This is a challenge I faced daily in my years curating the maritime heritage of Downeast Maine. How do you transport your audience to a place they can't  get to physically both in time and space? How you make your audience care for the heritage and daily challenges of the maritime work?

Well, Maine SeaGrant has struck upon a brilliant and unique solution on this conundrum using humor (Downeast of course) and cartoons. Maine SeaGrant have partnered with O'Change Studios to produce a series of short films highlighting the modern perils faced by Maine coastal communities due to climate change and invasive species.

From a maritime perspective, the films also communicate the unique challenges our coastal communities and industries face. The stories told in these videos also effectively communicate the economic importance of a sustainable business model that protects both resources AND the families AND industries that rely on them.

These short videos are a great example of how compelling storytelling using an engaging medium both entertains and communicates. Now only if it came with the smell of cooked lobsters! These short videos tell a critical story in a new way that engages new audiences. Short videos like these can communicate your maritime port's or coastal community's importance to the local economy, to politicians, and to the communities you serve.

Knowledge is power. Telling your story and engaging your community will improve local perceptions and develop support for current and future programs.


Videos funded by Maine SeaGrant, Univesity of Maine, Orono (

Video's produced by O'Chang Studios  (

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