Washington County Cultural Coalition

Our Principal, Sam Shogren, was appointed to Washington County’s Arts, Heritage and Humanities Coalition by the Washington County Board of Supervisors in January of 2007. This month Sam assumed a leadership position within the Coalition by volunteering to steer the Coalition’s efforts at rewriting the Washington County’s Cultural Plan. The Coalition was formed at the County level in response to the formation of the Oregon Cultural Trust by the state legislature in 2001. Today the Coalition re-grants funds given the County by the Oregon Cultural Trust. And in accordance with the initial legislation of the Cultural Trust each county and tribe in Oregon must revisit and revise their cultural plan every 5 years. To contribute to the revision of the County plan, please contact Sam directly or through the County Cultural Coalition.

For more information please visit:

The Washington County Cultural Coalition Website at:
http://www.westsideculturalalliance.org/wccc/index.htm or,
the Oregon Cultural Trusts Website at: