Disappearing Maritime Landscapes – The Old Grainery in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Fall Tugs Tied Alongside Wharf Near Old Grain Elevator - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

A disappearing maritime landscape. This photo of the westside granary in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin was taken during a protracted legal battle between community residents and their local government. Many wanted the granary, and the remains of the working waterfront protected. A few wanted another hotel. The piles of dirt surrounding the building we added by the city in an effort to force the issue.

Despite the city's best intentions, this important historical building was saved by the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society. But to save it the building had to be moved. So earlier this spring the building was jacked up, wheels and steel placed under it, tow trucks attached, and then carefully moved across a highway bridge to the opposite shoreline. Ironic since the city determined it was not structurally sound and had to be torn down. Ironic that as a maritime building built to serves ships, the maritime museum sitting next door did nothing.

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