We support the Motive Space Symposium

Symposium Flyer for Motive SpaceMotive Space Symposium

We are providing a variety of administrative and support services to the Symposium including support and development of the Symposium’s open source solutions based website, a discussion forum, creation of a PayPal system for event registration, conference planning advice, and consultation on Nonprofit start-ups.

Shogren Consulting’s support of the Symposium represents the first of our new initiatives to build sustainable communities and to implement the principals of LEAD International.

Motive Space AgendaThe September dialogue will provide a forum for industry related professionals and citizens to gather + contribute toward a community model of Cooperative Development. For the purposes of the dialogue, the proposed definition of cooperative development is the initiation of multi-family infill projects through the collaborative efforts of citizens and designers. It proposes a renegotiated partnership between enterprising architects and design-savvy citizens, in order to simultaneously diminish the risk of new construction in a shaky market economy, and maximize the creative excitement of design as a tool for personal, civic, and social empowerment.