Shogren Choosen to Join LEAD

CONGRATULATIONS!! Our President and Principal, Sam Shogren, has been selected by LEAD Canada to join the LEAD network and undertake the training required to become a LEAD Fellow.  LEAD, short for Leadership for Environment and Development, searches worldwide for outstanding people, developing their leadership potential through innovative training programs and working with them to mobilize others to make a real difference to the future of this planet. LEAD Canada is a not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to furthering the goals of environmental, social and economic sustainability through training, projects and networking.  Created in 1994, LEAD Canada joined the global network set up…

Cultivating “Natural” Cultural Districts – A Report by the Social Impact of the Arts Project

Can the arts and culture play a central role in revitalizing American cities? Over the past decade, a number of cities have answered this question affirmatively. For the most part, they have turned to big-ticket downtown cultural districts as the strategy to expand their “creative economy.” At the same time, skeptics like Joel Kotkin have ridiculed this approach as the creation of “the ephemeral city” that ignores thefundamentals of good city-building for the illusion of urban vitality. Cultivating Natural Cultural Districts