About Us

About Us

With over 75 years of experience in helping organizations find success, the Shogren Consulting Group utilizes a diverse and unique portfolio of experience in organizational leadership and change in both the public and private sector. Through effective visioning, change and project management, program and resource development we work to ensure that mission-driven organizations (business, social good, museums, arts organizations, nonprofit corporations, and public agencies). We work in partnership with our clients to create processes and results that fulfill an organization’s vision for the future and for those they serve.

We bring unique working experience in working with waterfront and maritime communities as they struggle to retain unique cultural values and cultural assets. Drawing on experience gained through work in New England, the Great Lakes, and the West Coast, we build bridges and foster dialog between the various maritime and environmental organizations, and public agencies. We work to develop shared goals and values propelling missions forward while preserving unique cultural aspects of the community.

With experience as museum directors, curators and archeologists we understand and appreciate the challenges of reconnecting American’s to their maritime ancestry and in building community support for a water-oriented perspective on community development and placemaking.

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