Site Update

Site Update

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I have been away from this site for a while. For the past 6 years I have run the Washington County Museum here outside of Portland Oregon as the Executive Director. I started that job the Monday after the stock market collapsed in September 2008! It was a temporary gig that turned into a long term commitment when the Board asked after 6 months that I mover from serving as a part-time E.D. to full-time Executive Director.

Exterior: Washington County (Oregon) Historical Society
Exterior – Washington County Museum & Historical Society on the campus of PCC – Rock Creek, Portland, OR. Building opened in 1982.

In that first year I led the museum through its first strategic planning and vision process which resulted in a number of significant changes to the organization, including:

  1. A New Name (we dropped historical society and left the museum part).
  2. A New Mission
  3. A New Vision
  4. A New Brand
  5. A New Graphic Identity

I was assisted by Sandra Suran of the Suran Group in Wilsonville, OR.

This led eventually to the launch of a Capital Campaign in which I raised over $1.9 million for expanded facilities and capital improvements AND the opening of a new Education Center located at the Hillsboro Civic Center Plaza, Hillsboro, OR., in partnership with the City of Hillsboro, at the seat of county government and the epicenter of the Silicon Forest.

Location of Washington County Museum at the Hillsboro Civic Center Plaza
Hillsboro Civic Center. The Washington County Museum moved into the shorter wing on the right in the fall of 2012.











I invite you to please check back, as I will be redeveloping this site with a new focus, new content, and new program offerings!!





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